A Straight-Forward Approach to Pricing

We offer two ways to work with us based on your needs. For small individual projects or tasks, we bill our clients using a flat hourly rate. However, if you have ongoing marketing needs and are looking to engage with us for several months or more to improve your business and online presence, our Retainer Rates offer a truly remarkable value for the experience, breadth of service offerings, working relationship and attention to your business that we provide.

  • Hourly Rates 100%
  • Retainer Rates 75%

About Our Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Management Retainer Rates:

Our retainer rates are discounted about 25% from our hourly rates and are truly an exceptional value. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will provide you with a service proposal and sample monthly retainer agreement at no charge. We typically structure our retainers using the discounted rate, but we do occasionally work with companies strictly on a performance or incentive basis. If you are a company with a promising product or service, but are a little light on cash flow, don’t hesitate to contact us. We approach each company differently and there’s nothing we love more than making a company successful.

A Handshake Deal = No Risk! Unlike most agencies, there is no risk involved in our marketing retainers.

We have seen some pretty ugly outcomes from companies who have engaged with digital marketing “specialists” who fail to deliver. The contracts are ridiculous, and they demand huge fees to get out of an agreement. Our retainer agreements are nothing more than a handshake deal that essentially says “we need help, and if you are as good as you say you are we plan to use you for a few months or more”.

Either party may terminate our retainer agreements with 30-days notice without penalty. At Klein New Media, we simply prefer retainer agreements due to the fact that we spend a lot of time up front (and without charge) learning about your business, your goals and your customers. Ultimately, we do this to become a normal part of your everyday operations. Our objective is to provide you with a marketing resource that can be used in much the same way you would expect to use an experienced marketing director, web designer, or whatever you need in the digital marketing realm.

Free Educational Seminars

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